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Work with Me

I strive to make my services accessible while also collecting a fair wage. Contact me below to talk project scope, rates, and availability.


I freelance across many sectors, but focus on health, education, culture, and community-based/movement organizations. I work on an hourly or project-based basis.



I work with writers to find their authentic voice while expressing themselves with precision and clarity. I am available for academic, creative, and tech writing projects.

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College Essay Coach

I love working with high school students on their college admission essays. I support them through every step of the process--brainstorming, drafting, structuring, developing, editing, and proofreading--while they work to tell their unique story. While acknowledging that this is one of the most consequential writing projects of their lives so far, I work to lessen anxiety and free up students' creative energy.

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I work one-on-one or in small group settings with students ages 10 and up. I tutor across subject areas, but specialize in math, English, writing, and ACT prep.

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